The Facebook Watermelons quiz (Exposed)

Welcome to the Facebook Watermelons quiz….
Goal is simple, you just need to find out how many watermelons are in the Picture …
Ok I agree … Really it is stupid, but I had to make it as a response to the below quiz:


In my humble opinion this quiz is just as stupid as the above…
Lack of information gives us the problem of giving the right answer; An answer I am sure we will never know.
The question is “how many watermelons are here?”

It gives at least 3 possible answers:

1. There are 0 watermelons

This answer could be correct because there essentially are no whole melons in the Picture.

Of course some people will now argue that this is not the point, because there are some watermelons.

2. There are 5 watermelons

This answer is for the math-geeks that will say that it is possible to gather 5 whole watermelons by piecing them all together … For example the calculation could look like this:

(0.75 * 4) + (0.5 * 4) = 5

However… Some people will now argue that, we are not asked “how many whole watermelons is it possible to make from the ones shown in the picture”

3. There are 6 watermelons

Going to this length is really for the ones that think they are clever… These people wil say : “I can see that there were used 6 watermelons to make the setup in the Picture …”

Of course this is easily challenged by asking them how they can be sure only 6 melons went into the making of the picture … It could be 7 or 8 or maybe 20 … who knows  really???

In conclusion …

Unless the person who made the Picture adds in the needed details for a fully correct answer I guess we will never know….